Steady, common-sense leadership for James Island

Kathleen Wilson

James Island resident Kathleen Wilson is running for re-election to Charleston City Council, District 12 seat to represent the people of James Island.

While keeping a careful watch over our island home, she has consistently shown integrity, responsibility, tremendous fortitude and responsiveness to concerns from James Island and beyond. Kathleen listens and is easy to contact with concerns, assisting constituents with issues ranging from nuisance issues to major concerns affecting quality of life.

She is a hard worker and a source of strength who has consistently made good decisions regarding the future of James Island. She has worked tirelessly to broker the best deals possible for the island, while respecting and adhering to legal boundaries between property rights and quality of life. She is known for her quiet, calm ability to resolve James Island issues before they reach a feverish pitch. Kathleen does not believe in grandstanding or chasing television cameras.


If you want more information, or have questions or comments for Kathleen Wilson, please get in touch with her through one of the following methods:

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Kathleen Wilson

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692 Travers Ct.
Charleston, SC 29412